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amfotericine B conventioneel (Fungizone)

J - Antiinfectives For Systemic Use -> J02 - Antimycotics For Systemic Use -> J02A - Antimycotics For Systemic Use -> J02AA - Antibiotics -> J02AA01 - Amphotericin B
Administration category: Free Medicine group: antifungal Brand name: Fungizone

Safety margins

≥ 18 years
Weight ROA Dosage
min. 0.5mg/kg 1 dd to max. 1.5mg/kg 1 dd

Kidney function

≥ 18 years
ROA GFR Dosage Interval Comments
ROA: iv
10 - 50
Renal elimination: 5%
Dosage: dependent on kidney function

Renal function-replacement therapy

CAPD: gebruik vermijden

Hemo dialysis: gebruik vermijden

CAV / VVHD: gebruik vermijden


Interaction with (ATC): Expected effect:
Interaction with (ATC):
L04AD01 - Ciclosporin
Expected effect:
verhoogde kans op nefrotoxiciteit
Interaction with (ATC):
C01AA05 - Digoxin
Expected effect:
verhoogde kans op toxiciteit (door kalium depletie)
Interaction with (ATC):
J02AX01 - Flucytosine
Expected effect:
synergisme van werking en toxiciteit


Due to the expiration of the alphanumeric classification for use in pregnancy and lactation, reference is made to the current, online information of the Teratology Information Service (TIS) of LAREB:

For individual advice, consult an expert on site.

Swab vid: M-2083.4
Updated: 02/11/2024 - 11:48
Status: Published

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